I’ve basically completely lost any respect I had for Frankie. I did root for him and I have been since I watched his pre-season interviews. At first it seemed like he was trying to play some vile persona and I thought it was entertaining. Now I’m coming to terms with the fact that it may not be an act. I don’t want to be supporting someone who thinks it’s genuinely hilarious to joke about rape. That being said, I refuse to belittle his character and trash him (Or any houseguest for that matter) over the internet. I have absolutely nothing to gain from bashing another person over the internet. I’ve seen so many of you guys getting so upset and making these obscene post acting literally parallel to his disgusting behavior.¬† What do you gain from doing that?

Anyway I’ve already basically lost all interest with the season and have come to terms with the fact that Derrick will win the game this season. I’m too bored to even care anymore. I’ll watch the episodes and maybe check for some updates but other that that I’m basically¬† finished with the season.